Is this official?

NO! We have discussed our work with the devs at BouncyRock but this should not be taken as carte blanche. The devs have been amazing and accomidating so we should do the same in kind and make sure we don't hurt the servers or produce erratic behavior that will cause false bug reports.

What can modding do?

The modding tools allow you to change almost any part of the code. This means you can modify cameras, mouse, keyboard inputs, moving things, etc. The sky is the limit, some care should be taken

Can I break my game?

YES, and you can destroy boards, and muck up your install. All that being said if you are careful and stick to plugins that are tested you should have no trouble.

How do I install plugins?

The basis for the plugins is the BepInEx which is a set of dlls which hook the game executable and allow plugins to be installed.

Simplest Method

  1. Download the plugin pack here and extract to your game folder. This includes all current plugins and the BepInEx binaries as well.

Custom Method

  1. Install BepInEx by downloading the latest release and copying the contents to the root of your game folder.
  2. Download a specific plugin and move the dll to the BepInEx/plugins folder.

Finding your Game Folder

To find your TaleSpire game install folder browse to open the steam library and right click on TaleSpire and choose Properties from the context menu. Context Menu

After the properties window opens click the Local Files tab and click the Browse Local Files... button.

Properties Window

This is where the release should be extracted.